IMG_0142Inspired to share and weave my life experiences through the Art of Tea, led to the birth and growth of my project – InfiniTea.

In traditional Chinese Gungfu or “Kung Fu” Tea Ceremony, we sit before a being offering the five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These elements when combined nourish the mind, body, and spirit and bring our beings into alchemical alignment. By accepting this gift and participating in ceremony, we connect to the Universal awareness, which is a channel to all beings everywhere.

I celebrate the beauty and bliss of life through sharing fine tea with good company. The essence of tea is simplicity, a gift that can be received by all. To be served without being judged allows for complete surrender to the present moment — to fully appreciate the Now. I kindly offer my presence to ye in wee cups o’ tea to build yer chi :) Through sharing the practice of Gungfu Tea Ceremony – I am given the opportunity to transmit my life experiences, offer the knowledge of my many teachers, give the love, laughter, and light of my grandmothers, and bestow the wisdom of Master Ming Yi Wang – from whom I’ve learned ancient teachings of Buddhism and Daoism.


My work as a political organizer, documentary photographer, and peace activist began my path to cultivating a deeper peace within. After difficulties arose in my physical being, a transformative path of studying alternative medicine led me to develop new practices of honoring my health and wellness. It was through the study of yoga, nutrition, natural medicine practices, and Gungfu Tea Ceremony that I created opportunities for expansion and awareness. Through my life’s work I wish to share the benefits of movement, meditation, laughter, hydration, and alkalinity as keys to improving one’s health and well-being — physically, mentally and spiritually.