G’day :) Just a few words about me, from me.

I was raised in a small Jersey town, summers by sea and woods o’ plenty. I made my way to upstate New York where I received my BS in Television and Radio from Ithaca College. In 2008, at the age of 23, I moved to California, from Los Angeles to Santa Monica — then San Francisco to Oakland. I am fortunate to say that I had the opportunity to experience each place as my home base.

I am a World traveler, having spent time in Europe, Australia, Fiji, China, Egypt, Gaza, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Orleans, and passed through various states in America.  Such travel led me on a path of exploration of this beautiful planet — the people, customs, traditions, art, foods & lifestyles. Over time, I realized outward travel was my opportunity to take a closer look at myself, which led me to focus more on inward exploration. Now, through study, practice, and meditation — I am learning how to speak, act, and live my truth to be a reflection of the beauty and abundance of creation.

5975_127348579553_2970836_n“When you accept who you are,
you will find
you are everything
you ever wanted to be.
So be who you are,
Just as you are,
And shine your light ,
Just like a star.” ~ Kelly Marie VanPelt