Total Vitality Coaching


The Total Vitality Program is a unique system for health and well being drawn from the ancient wisdom of China. Founder Master Ming Yi Wang created several aspects of this program that work together synergistically, often creating dramatic positive results for people who are experiencing major health challenges, people who wish to gain top physical performance, or for the average person who is ready to commit to personal health and transformation. Each one alone can help you lead a healthier, more vital life, but when used together… that’s when the big magic happens. One of the key aspects of the Total Vitality Program is self empowerment. Once you have the keys to the formula for your particular constitutions, you will be guided in lifestyle choices that will put the ball back in your court. You will be able to make day to day changes in how you approach your well being that will empower you to be the main transformative force your life.

“Hydration and alkalinity are the two most important aspects of self care that determine your ultimate health. They are like two wings of a bird. One wing is alkalinity, and the other is hydration. Both are necessary to fly properly.”

~ Master Wang




A healthy body is mainly composed of water. The water essence is the original essence in your kidneys that you were born with and it determines how vibrant you are. Your two kidneys are the reservoirs for this water essence. The water essence gives you life, just as the fire essence gives you energy. We can observe the critical importance of water. When the water content in your body diminishes, you begin to get sick and die. Deep hydration is more than just drinking more water. The time of day, the temperature of the water, a person’s constitution and diet all are factors that contribute to hydration in the human vehicle. In the Total Vitality Program, you will be coached in the proper way to hydrate your body in a way that is consistent with the needs of your particular constitution. When you are fully hydrated, your entire system can cleanse itself down to a cellular level. Your joints will be fully lubricated, increasing their high functionality. Your human battery will have all the water it needs to increase your stamina and over all well being.




Acidity in the diet creates many problems. Foods that create acid in your system create a state of low conductivity in the body. Your body works best if the bio-electricity can travel efficiently through the circuitry of your nervous system. When your body is acidic, it does not contain or transmit the bio-electricity properly. This can bring on low performance, fatigue and low energy. Modern science has shown that most disease is acid-based, including heart disease and cancer. 
Meat, dairy, refined sugar and coffee are some of the main acid-producing contributors to health problems. Thus, eating mainly alkaline foods and avoiding acidic foods can improve your health and well-being tremendously.

Some vegetarians and vegans are still very unhealthy because they are not properly hydrated. It doesn’t matter how well you eat if your body is only superficially hydrated. A person can be like a pond full of water, but if that water is dirty, that person will still be sick. If your system is alkaline, you can hydrate more easily. If you are hydrated you can become alkaline more easily.

To get this process started, you need a program so that you do it in a way that will best serve your unique body. In the Total Vitality Program, you would do what is needed for your personal constitution, determined by the oriental medicine diagnosis we offer, and by making informed choices based on the results of your experience.



Plant Based Diet

Plant-based foods have more available “chi” or life force energy than animal-based foods. A plant-based diet is gentler on the earth and no animals need perish in order for us to thrive. It is a naturally efficient way to eat that is better for the planet. Plant-based food is less acidic and has fewer toxic elements. This is particularly true these days when pesticides, hormones, and inorganic fertilizers are more concentrated in animal food products than in plants alone. Our intent is not to make a moral judgment. Our main point is the profound difference switching to an entirely plant-based diet can make for your health. It’s a scientific fact that meat creates a highly acidic environment in your body, which is a major cause of illness and premature death. In the 1980’s Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine teamed up to perform a survey of diseases and lifestyle factors in rural China and Taiwan. 
The research demonstrated the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It also showed that we have the ability to reduce or reverse the risk or effects of these deadly illnesses. Commonly known as the China Study, It found that people who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic diseases. People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease.



Medicinal Teas and Fine Pu-erh Teas

Another essential aspect of the Total Vitality Program is drinking tea. Some of the teas recommended in the program are herbal formulas that are specially targeted for your constitution or for any health issues you may be experiencing. These unique herbal formulas are homeopathic in nature. Modern homeopathy is based on the premise that less is more. These formulas have been shown to create powerful effects while being gentle on the system. We use organic herbs to insure purity and potency.

Other types of tea recommended in the Total Vitality Program are special pu’erh teas from China. Pu-erh tea is a type of Camellia Sinensis. This is the same plant that we commonly call “tea” in the West. Pu-erh tea helps your body become more easily hydrated. The tea also contains all five elements. Metal, wood, and earth elements are inside the tea. Then you add the water, which is heated by fire. All these elements work together to help bring every aspect of you into balance. The fine cells in the tea contain the trace elements your body needs to create total vitality.It’s been shown that most of the cultures in the world that have extreme longevity live in places where the soil is very rich in minerals. That mineral content increases the health benefits of these teas. This tea has a lot more trace elements than average fruits and vegetables, and those trace elements help revive health and can aid in bringing about total vitality.

Different teas have different properties. For example, the raw pu-erh that Master Wang has designed has anti-inflammatory properties. It warms up your body as you drink it and then your body cools down. It’s a bit like the way people in hot climates eat chilies to cool their bodies. That cooling action helps bring down inflammation if your body is inflamed. This is important because inflammation is at the root of a lot of pain conditions. The aged ripe tea in particular is good for reducing cholesterol levels. You can purchase these teas here. 



Assisted Practices

In addition to lifestyle coaching on hydration, alkalinity and medicinal teas, the Total Vitality program also offers it’s participants health treatments that promote deeper transformations. Some of these treatments offered are:


The ancient art of cupping uses vacuum suction with small cups on the body to get the blood and lymphatic fluids to circulate, and thus clean the body of harmful stagnation. Stagnation leads to putrefaction, which is the root of many diseases. The cups are places over organs and meridians to encourage health flow of energy and fluids. This technique is particularly effective when combined with full hydration of the system.

T’ai Chi and Meditation Instruction

T’ai Chi helps to move Chi, or “life force energy” through the body through the combination of physical movement and the application of mindfulness. This moving meditation has been used to promote health and vitality for centuries, and well as improve coordination, strength and the practice of self mastery. Meditation is practiced, both moving and still, in order to encourage spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

Muscle Tendon Work

When the tendons of the body become tense, they become inflexible. This muscle tendon massage work helps to return flexibility to the tendons and muscles, promoting healthy flow of energy, movement and elasticity of the joints. When these tendons release, people often experience almost miraculous transformation of aches and pains from old injuries and chronic conditions held in the musculo-skeletal system.

Instruction in Self Massage

At the foundation of the program is the belief that true health and well-being is promoted and achieved by teaching self empowerment to it’s participants. Self massage and pressure point therapy is one way in which Total Vitality Participants are encouraged to practice self care under proper supervision.

To learn more, we recommend that you read our book, Ancient Wisdom for Total Vitality. It describes Total Vitality Program methods for healthy living and why they work so well.