Wellness Consulting


Through a whole-foods, alkaline, and hydration-based approach, your body will become the temple it is truly meant to be. Working with your individual health goals, we will create a sustainable program to optimize your health and wellness. Wellness Consulting is more than just a one-time service, it is a knowledge exchange which can provide you with the tools for a healthier, happier, and more enriched lifetime.



According to Master Wang, hydration and alkalinity are two wings of the same bird — both are needed to fly. Although relatively unheard of in our Western culture, both have a tremendous impact on health and well-being. In essence, the correct combination of Hydration, Alkalinity, and Nutrition, create an optimum environment for your body. Such an environment literally improves bodily functions, and heightens awareness.

In our wellness consultations, we clear away  confusion regarding proper dietary and lifestyle choices. In addition, we will work with you to impart the wisdom and teachings humankind has passed down through the generations as it relates to living happily and healthily.



IMG_4825When we move the body we free ourselves of stagnant energy, which blocks the flow of new energy and abundance to grow. Yoga and movement helps us find our breath, strengthening our connection with mind and spirit and helping us become whole, connected with our true self.

Anybody can dance — finding a form of movement which expresses our selves is universal. Through the practice of movement, we find a path not only to wellness, but also to our deeper selves.

Sofia Thom’s Danyasa Yoga is a unique yoga / dance fusion, which happens “off the mat”. This practice helps you explore your own body and movements, by connecting with music, space, and most importantly yourself. Daniella Cotreau’s Body Temple Yoga is a heart centered Hatha practice firmly rooted in the principles of alignment. As a certified yoga instructor in these inspired forms, I can share with you my teachings of the techniques learned to expand your personal practice.

Another practice I share is hooping. Although it is seemingly simple, hooping is actual a wonderful tool for health and well-being. As a low-impact exercise, hooping helps burn calories without taking a heavy toll on the body. It strengthens your core, helps you connect with your breath, and balance. Hooping even has potential use as a spiritual practice, where the art of finding and releasing resistances, and surrendering, can be developed.




The great outdoors was meant not only to be explored, but also to be a platform in exploring ourselves. As such, my nature medicine practices help you experience growth and transformation through experiences in nature. Nature medicine involves walks, hikes, photo journeys, outdoor meditations and yoga, and excursions to nature-based healing centers such as retreat centers, hot springs.




Oftentimes, changing context is instrumental to clearing blockages and breaking negative patterns.  These journeys can bring balance to your self and the world around you. Retreats can be nature excursions, such as: hot springs, camping, day trips, beach visits, or even cultural outings such as trips to spas, museums, etc.

As an experienced world traveler, I also consult and can prepare retreats to foreign destinations.  These retreats have a transformative affect.